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Indochina Linux Enterprise Solutions

by kevmille last modified 2007-07-21 15:44 Saigon Linux Group and Indochina Linux Enterprise Solutions

Provide your company with a higher quality, more reliable, high performing Linux enterprise platform.

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Saigon Linux Group Indochina Linux Enterprise Solution Logo

Linux is more than just a low-cost operating system. With Linux, the Saigon Linux Group (SLG) will develop for your company a higher quality, more reliable high performing Linux enterprise platform which is very secure and low cost. With SLG's Indochina Linux Enterprise Solutions, you will have access to hundreds of high quality open source software which can be modified to suit the needs of your company. Novell Linux Enterprise will be deployed allowing your company to efficiently run services such as email, database systems, web, etc. Indochina Capital Enterprise Solutions also gives your company an option to run both Linux and Windows desktops. Even better, with visualization, Windows run inside your Linux computer giving you the best of both worlds. See what Indochina Linux Enterprise Solutions can offer for you.

Indochina Linux Enterprise Solutions

Indochina Linux Enterprise Solutions provides:

  • Assistance in designing a new Enterprise Solution that suits the needs of your company
  • Installation of the new Enterprise system including:
  • Email set up
  • Information systems (CRM, CMS, web site, etc.)
  • VoIP Telephony
  • Firewall and Router
  • Virtualization set up (Xen)
  • Network set up
  • Hardware support
  • Training support
  • Dedicated Server Hosting (with Yearly Contract Agreement)
  • Maintenance and Customer Support (with Yearly Contract Agreement)
  • Website Development and Hosting (with Yearly Contract Agreement)
  • Software Development (with Yearly Contract Agreement)
  • A Low Cost alternative to other propriety operating systems and software that is:
  • More Secure,
  • Scalable, and
  • Stable.

See what SLG's Indochina Linux Enterprise Solutions can do for you. Contact the Saigon Linux Group for more information.

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